Sunshine Nails Professional Facial Services

The stresses of modern life, sun exposure, and environmental pollution are the greatest contributions to skin damage. To help reinforce and maintain the health and beauty of your skin, we offer a refreshing, revitalizing facial. We feature premium quality MURAD products in the following steps:

- A gentle facial clenser is applied to remove serface dirt and residue.

- A polyslough exfoliant, enhanced with the soothing, healing, and conditioning properties of aloe vera is applied to restore your skin's natural glow.It removes the top layer or dead skin cells that accumulates every day. This allows the skin to breathe by enhancing circulation.

- During cleansing, a light steam treatment is used to open your skin's pores.

- A brush is used to deeply cleanse and stimulate blood circulation.

- A vacuum tool gently removes blackheads and whiteheads, as needed.

- Toner is apploed to minimize the appearance of pores once cleansing is complete.

- A relaxing facial massage followed by a lymphatic massage of the neck and shoulders help stimulate circulation.

- A mask is applied to soothe the skin, remove excess oils, and help minimize the appearance of fine lines adeeper wrinkles. The mask contains cucumber extracts, natural herbs, and Aloe Vera which cools and nourishes the skin and helps balance the PH level of your skin.


- The finishing touch is a light moisturizer to keep your skin looking fresh and beautiful.